Spent My Days


Around this time about three years ago I became a Robert De Niro fan. Through his movies, Bob has shown me stories and characters who made me laugh, cry, think, remember, and dream. He’s one of the only artists who is capable of transporting me entirely into the world of the story in the film, helping me escape. He has been my companion when everyone turned their back on me. His characters where my friends, people who I could relate to and whom I recurred to whenever I felt hopeless, desolated and lonely. When I wanted to feel happy, I watched his happy movies. When I felt lonely, I watched movies like Taxi Driver, trying to find someone who could relate to what I was going through. His films kept me company in some of the toughest moments in my life.

Robert inspires me because he never gave up. He challenged himself in ways that I could only imagine. He gave up many aspects of his life to tell a story, to make a point. He taught me to stay true to my beliefs and actions no matter what happens, to assume the consequences of my acts. He’s one of the most successful men on earth, yet, he is still very humble and keeps his feet on the ground, he taught me to be modest and thankful. While resembling what I consider is the closest thing to perfection, he reminds me that we are all human, we are all flawed, and nobody is perfect. He reminds me that even when everything looks bad, there’s still a light that will make you keep on going. He moves me and inspires me to keep on going, because even though what must be will be, my limit is the sky.  

Films can make your life better.